It’s an unforgettable time when you meet people whose passion is silk. We spent several years traveling, discovering workshops, comparing fabrics, and learning what exactly quality means. We visited Milanówek in Poland, two towns in Vietnam, and several in Italy. Currently, we collaborate with three exceptional manufacturers from  the Italian Lake Como area. This region has a centuries-old tradition in silk processing. Knowledge about dyeing, finishing, or printing is passed down from generation to generation there. This experience is incredibly valuable and directly translates into the quality of our products.


We are aware of and responsible for all the products we put into your hands. When choosing to collaborate with our partners, we pay attention not only to quality but also to their approach towards the environment and ethical work practices in their locations. The most important certificates held by our manufacturers include: GOTS, Seri.co, or STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® regarding fabrics free from harmful substances for humans. By clicking on the selected name, you will be redirected to the respective certificate’s page, where you can learn more about it.


Each project starts differently. Each expresses our emotions, thoughts, and ideas that we symbolically embed in the things we create. When we design scarves, we collaborate with various artists. We value each of them for their individual, unique style and diverse way of looking at the chosen subject. While designing and selecting fabrics, spending time in the archives of the manufacturers we collaborate with is a huge inspiration for us. You need to know that we approach each project with care for every detail. That’s why we create things that aren’t discarded but passed on.


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