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is the most important thing for us, because we understand it as quality, value, style, and durability. It’s the idea that guides us and inspires us to create unique things. Every project we put into your hands is well thought out. We create it with calmness and refine every detail. Balance is incredibly important to us in every aspect of life. Hence the idea of creating two opposing collections that complement each other. In times when everything is temporary, we create things that aren’t thrown away but passed on due to their quality.


have power and can change the world. They also create emotions that are important in our lives. That’s why each collection name means more than just three chosen words – it’s a story that holds a different meaning for everyone. Sometimes, only those three words visible on the tag can stop you for a moment, make you reflect, and have a special meaning for you on that day. We weave a different, unique story into each collection. For us, things without a story become empty and worthless.


with exceptional people is the key to creating timeless things for me. I believe that creating something valuable cannot be done alone. Every person I meet brings something extraordinary to the project. Thanks to opportunities like sharing common passions, exchanging experiences, or discovering a unique perspective, our collaboration takes on a different meaning. We create exceptional things that become especially valuable for us when we can share them with you.

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